Our Company

The small town of Oporapa, located in the south-central Colombian province of Huila, is one of the best places in the world to grow coffee. Rich soil, an ideal year-round climate, and fresh mountain streams from the Serranias de las Minas combine to grow beans of exceptional quality. Our brand took it’s name, ‘Minas Coffee’, from this beautiful landscape, and reflects our commitment to sourcing the finest beans in Colombia.

Our founders grew up with a passion for coffee, spoiled for choice in the rich Colombian heartland. As we traveled the world we found a distinct lack of excellent coffee and few customers with a deep understanding of the elements that create a delicious cup.

We began to analyze the market, tasting coffee around the world and speaking with top-level growers, roasters, and distributors. On this journey, we concluded that the quality of the plantation made the biggest difference in differentiating an elite cup from the mainstream. Regrettably, exploitative business practices and international demand have left many coffee farmers as the smallest profit recipients, forcing many to focus on quantity instead of quality to make ends meet.

We saw an opportunity to build a new type of coffee business: one that creates incredible coffee, pays farmers well for their work, and offers fair prices to ardent consumers.
Our first step was to find a community with world-class coffee farmers and roasters. In the southern part of the Colombian Department of Huila we found what we were looking for: rich beans grown by dedicated farmers, and experienced roasters that put that same level of care into their craft. We never over-roast our beans in search of consistency but instead allow each roaster craft a unique experience with gorgeous aromas, delicious flavors, and a sublime finish.

Our second was to find a business model that was fair to both our customers and farmers. We keep our coffee affordable by focusing on direct sales and micro-distribution, eliminating the need for expensive middle-men. Additionally, profits are distributed evenly based on the amount of work done instead of ownership, rewarding the talented farmers whose passion defines the coffee that we sell. This allows us to sell our delicious coffee at very competitive prices while still paying farmers three times the average wage for the local industry.
We want to showcase the effort and skill of our coffee farmers and roasters to the palates of coffee lovers everywhere. When you buy Minas Coffee, you taste the dedication of passionate individuals who love what they do, and experience some of the finest coffee Colombia has to offer.